Sosua Night Life

Ice Bar in Sosua.

The Ice Bar is a great place to mingle with friends

Sosua`s nightlife clearly favors bachelor parties, although not everywhere. There are many bars, restaurants and a few clubs in El Batey that cater to various types of travelers from different countries. Places like Bailey`s, Cubano Cafe, Sinatra`s,  Bologna`s, Britannia`s, Jolly Rogers and many others are totally geared for the general public and not necessarily for singles.

Romantic bars can be found at Morua Mai, Ocean Club ( now Gansevoort ), Mio and several established places where older people and couples mingle. For bachelors the obvious clubs are D`Clasico, Rumba,  El Flow, and other smaller ones. One that stands out is the newer Ice Bar, which is more a piano bar type where people go for drinks and parties.

The top place to be for night life visitors in Sosua is the main strip, called Pedro Clisante; lots of bars, stores, restaurants ( Italian, Canadian, German, American, French, and so on ) and a hot zone at night when the local “Chicas” walk the area – and one of the main reasons many single men choose Sosua as a playground (something authorities wish to change to a more family friendly game, some day ).

The casino in Sosua opens every day

The Coral Reef Casino in Sosua can be quite a thrill.

For those seeking a more quiet experience, bars like Valentino offer a relaxed atmosphere. Set on the corner of Duarte street next to the park facing Banco Popular. The bar offers good cigars, also local art. Close by, Yamazato`s Sushi bar can be a great place to enjoy fine dining and try the Sake. Around the corner there`s Lazy Dog bar, that plays music and offers a wide variety of sandwiches and American food.

The Coral Casino takes over the night, located in the imposing Sosua Bay Plaza building near the beach entrance. Crap tables, roulette and slot machines lined up over red carpet floors promising a quick win and free drinks to visitors. It is fun at least once a year to those that never gamble, and the poker tables are worth a try with the no limit hold `em.

sushi restaurant in Sosua

Top Sushi bar Yamazato in Sosua.