Sosua Catamaran Rental

The Top Party Boat Experience

Sosua Catamaran Rental tops the list when it comes to a perfect bachelor party in the Dominican Republic. Like a moving disco platform sailing along the beaches, this wide boat takes its guest on a party journey through the gorgeous scenery of the North Dominican Republic. 

Sosua Catamaran Tour Party

 A Customized Lagoon 52

This catamaran has capacity for 21-30 guests, an exotic Lagoon 52 that has been customized for Sosua yacht parties; it offers spacious areas around its main areas such as the main front deck that includes a trampoline (and Jacuzzi), the rear aft deck, A higher level lounge in the bridge and the larger, interior saloon that also has a room with bed and bathroom. 

Plenty of railings on each side allow guests to walk to front and back as in any other party, and there are covered and open areas so everyone can enjoy sun or shade accordingly. The length of this vessel is 52 feet, enough to keep the waves in check. 

What To Do in The Sosua Catamaran Tour

Things to do in the Sosua Catamaran Rental Tour: Snorkeling, drinking, partying and dancing. This private charter stops at the top snorkel sites in Sosua Bay and Imbert Beach, where swimmers can jump with floating life vests, masks and snorkels to feed the local Caribbean fish and take super nice photos. Once the music starts it never stops, the onboard sound system can be plugged into or connected to via Bluetooth, just bring your favorite mobile or music gadget. 

Catamaran Dress Etiquette:

 Depending on your skin care, bikinis are fine. To avoid overexposing in the sun, consider a nice dress suited for the tropics, a hat and sunglasses. A swimsuit is a must if you`re to enjoy the sun and swimming, the tour provides the snorkel gear included in the catamaran. 

Shoes are not needed, and flip flops go to a plastic case, since shoes are not worn on the boat. Watch out for mobile phones going overboard, best to get a lanyard cover as you will have your hands busy when walking in the boat (grabbing into bars as the boat moves).

Is the Catamaran Included in the Bachelor Party Packages?

 Yes, the VIP and Ultra packages include the catamaran for up to 20 people. the private charter includes drinks, food, crew and snorkel gear. Our concierge will assist in scheduling the timing with the group, best time for bachelor parties is 1pm or 5pm because the guys will wake up late after a long night of partying.  

 Can the Catamaran Be Booked as a stand alone service?

Absolutely yes. The cost for 1-20 passengers is US$1,300.00 and the schedule is morning from 8:00am-12:noon, afternoon from 12:00 noon-4:00pm; extra passengers cost $25/person. The tour departs from Sosua Beach, meeting at the parking area boat slip.

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