Puerto Plata Catamaran Excursions

Puerto Plata catamaran excursions

Puerto Plata Catamaran Excursion Packages

Our all-inclusive Puerto Plata excursion packages are popular among visitors to the North Dominican Republic, as those include all essentials to make it a memorable, fun catamaran trip for all passengers.

Each tour includes complimentary drinks, onboard BBQ food, snorkel in tropical reefs of various beaches in Puerto Plata, party music, stops at secluded golden sand beaches and in some cases, salsa dance classes, onboard.

Bow and trampoline

Catamaran Tour & Cruise

Our Catamarans come in various sizes with capacity of 15, 20, 30 and up to a 100 guests in the larger versions with extra wide deck, bar area, flybridge deck, salon, bedrooms, bathrooms, trampoline and rear deck. The boats sail off the best beaches of Puerto Plata, the most complete destination within the Dominican Republic.

Sosua catamaran rental tour boat
The catamaran jacuzzi

Snorkel in the Reefs

A diverse marine life ecosystem can be explored in the reefs off the beaches in Puerto Plata, where brightly colored species such as Blue Chromis, Angel fish, Yellow tailed Snapper, Squirrel fish, Caribbean Sea Horses, butterfly fish and many other species are found.

Catamaran interior

Puerto Plata Party Boats

Friends booking the catamaran tours as party boats will have plenty of fun with the onboard speaker system, available with Bluetooth and streaming. The sunset schedule is perhaps the best for bachelorette parties, catamaran weddings and other special ceremonies. The boats are crewed to assist all passengers.

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