Sosua has been called Paradise since the early 1940`s, when the town was founded by a group of fleeing Jews sailing from persecution in Europe, by Adolph Hitler. Their history is documented by filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, and various sources such as the Sosua Jewish Museum ( founded by the offspring of the first 1940 settlers ) And other important sources that include bibliographical references to the history of Sosua.

Initially a farming and dairy production land, later it became the focus of mass tourism in the mid 1980`s when the travel boom turned Puerto Plata into one of the Dominican Republic`s most desirable destinations.

Sosua and Alicia Beach aerial

The beaches in Sosua are very nice, clean and within walking distance to most places in town.

There were many all inclusive resorts in Sosua, which gradually faded over decades and gave way to a different kind of travel lodging, the private villa rentals. Today, Sosua is still a very beautiful, blessed land of incredibly gorgeous scenery, golden sand beaches and a varied landscape that makes it an affordable choice of many travelers each year. Among the landmarks to consider when visiting Sosua:

  • The Jewish Museum
  • La Puntilla de Piergiorgio
  • Sosua Beach
  • Alicia Beach
  • Jewish Park Memorial
  • Casa Marina Beach

The town has also one of the most extensive tour catalogs, ranging from fishing, snorkeling, diving, horse back riding, dirt buggies, surfing, wind surfing (in neighboring Cabarete, 5 mins away ), cave tour of El Choco, various rivers, golfing in Playa Dorada, as well as other important tours and amenities to consider.  The international airport of POP is just 5 minutes away from Sosua`s center by car, very easily accessible.

There is a large number of bars, restaurants and clubs in the Batey district, the main tourist area where there`s also stores, supermarkets, gift shops and discos. The main hotels as of 2016 were Casa Marina Beach & Reef, Victorian House, Piergiorgio`s, and Sosua by The Sea. There is an ultra luxury Gansevoort Resort on Imbert Beach, that includes a restaurant and cigar lounge.

Alicia beach and the hotels

Aerial view of Alicia Beach in Sosua, and the Waterfront Restaurant.

The ever-expanding private villa rental market has also made Sosua famous worldwide, and places it among one of the coolest places to visit in the Dominican Republic. Locations like the Sea Horse Ranch, Casa Linda, Hispaniola Residential, El Choco and Perla Marina are among the top places where luxury villa development started to boom in the past 2 decades.

Today the main district of the town has a far longer list of communities that include deluxe condos, and the town is alive with tourists visiting from as far as Norway and Sweden. Still, it remains a small beach town with a charm of its own.

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