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The top location for a bachelorette party in the Dominican Republic is Cabarete, although Sosua also offers several venues. For some reason most groups of women travel to this vibrant beach town, usually involved in water sports ( surfing, kite surfing, etc ) and the atmosphere is so cosmopolitan ( nothing to do with the magazine ) that there`s simply no replacement for the top bachelorette party experience.

Dominican bachelorette party on the beach

Good looking guys from all over the world also flock to Cabarete, after the kite surfing lifestyle and night life. Excellent bars and cafes, multilingual community and gorgeous beach decor all along the coast of this scimitar shaped bay lined with colorful flying kites surfing every day. SES event planners offer various venues in private villas with maid service, cable TV, WiFi, transportation, chef and concierge.

Standard Package:

  • Private Villa Rental
  • Maid Service
  • Transportation
  • Private Chef
  • Event & Tour Guide
  • Concierge
  • Party Kit B

The villa rentals we provide vary in price, size, location and luxury rating. Each package price will depend on the selected villa. Beach front properties cost more in most cases, but the experience is worth it if available. Our rentals are provided by GT Luxury Properties, a leading agency with over 10 years experience in the North Coast.

Sosua party villas

There is a wide selection of Sosua party villas to choose from

VIP Bachelorette Package:

  • Luxury Villa Rental
  • Maid, Laundry, Spa Service
  • Private Driver with SUV
  • Luxury Yacht Party
  • Executive Chef
  • Event & Tour Guide, VIP Pass
  • Concierge, local mobile phones
  • Party Kit A
Sosua VIP party package

VIP Packages include Chef, Private Driver with SUV and Yacht.

Ultra Luxury Party Package:

  • 10 Bedroom Hollywood Mansion Villa Rental
  • Bartender, Waiter, Villa Staff
  • 2 Luxury SUV with drivers
  • Presidential-grade security
  • Executive Private Chef
  • Event & Tour Guide, VIP Pass
  • Deluxe Yacht Party
  • Top Shelf Stocked Bar
  • Party Kit A++ with video and pro photography included

The Ultra Luxury package includes a private resort exclusively for the group. Includes meals, open bar, deluxe transportation,  luxury yacht party and other high end amenities. It is by far the most complete party experience, and can be used for PR in the case of celebrities. SBP offers a confidentiality agreement like no one else in the market, tailored to movie stars and other important VIPs.

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