NYC Drinks Sosua

A Great Party Bar in Sosua

NYC Drinks Bar in Sosua is a family owned party spot where locals enjoy Teteo nights among friends, and enjoy live show performances by DJs and artists. The bar has a lounge with nightclub style lighting, high chairs and a bar stocked with international and local drinks. It is located across the Ahnvee Hotel, A Sosua nightlife spot easy to find when coming down Pedro Clisante Street.

Party All Week Long

NYC Drinks Bar has specials for most days of the week, if you follow them on social media you get the updates for stripper nights, ladies nights, Colmadon night, and other special deal nights where discounts or shows are offered. This bar also offers Birthday parties, reach out to them if you want to celebrate your birthday with your best friends.

How To Get There

To reach NYC Drinks Bar in Sosua take Pedro Clisante Street to #141, across Ahnvee. If coming from East to West, you can take the street down the Flow Car Wash, take a left and it will be there in the first building next to the family gym. 



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