Latin Club Puerto Plata

Latin Club Puerto Plata

Latin Club Puerto Plata is the number one disco to visit when you need a truly entertaining disco night in the North Coast. The “Big One” as it is known locally due to its size, this modern disco complex has plenty of VIP areas, bars, light FX, proper A/C for its size and the most complete live show schedule that includes local Merengue, Urban, Bachata and Dembow artists. It also features Ladies Night, Stripper Shows, Neon Nights, and a host of other shows you can find in their social media posts.

Disco Photo Gallery

Single guys who want to meet local women will find it quite easy to mingle here at this disco, just know that some women are there to make a quick buck, while others are just the standard woman who will want a more traditional approach to meet men. If you need help telling the difference speak to your driver and he will be happy to point out who works in an office and who is a hustler searching for a client.

How To Get There

Latin Disco Club is located across Brugal, easy to find in the main highway at the corner of Farmacia Cristal, turn left and drive 50 meters past the Coliseo Gallistico, it is right there on the left side. The drive from Sosua takes about 25 minutes.


Contact Tel. +1 849-354-6383

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