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Truly reliable and comfortable transportation is a must have for any event, specially when renting a private villa. SBP provides a fleet of Limos, Luxury SUVs, Minivans and medium sized executive buses to meet the most demanding clientele.  The cost varies depending on the sourcing, as the vehicles in Sosua will always be cheaper than bringing a specific SUV or Limousine from Santiago. A good selection of high end vehicles can be booked in Sosua, such as Audi, Escalade, Hummer, and Porsche.

The escalade and Hyumdai H1

The Cadillac Escalade and Hyundai H1 Van.

Sosua Events Party packages include transportation in Sosua, and the local taxi association uses many Toyota Sienna, Hyundai Starex and Honda Odyssey. Private driver for events and villas can be booked with finer rides, including limos. The average cost of a hired driver in Sosua ranges between $100-150 / day depending on the capacity and type of van or SUV. Airport transfers are relatively cheap, around $30-40 per 7  passenger van, one way from POP airport.

Limo rentals in Sosua

Limos are an elegant way to celebrate a bachelor party.

Limousines are, as expected, more expensive. Standard costs run for about $160/hr and the service is hard to find in Sosua as there is only one limo, so most need to be driven from Santiago at a higher cost. Most prefer to rent a Cadillac Escalade or Chevy Suburban to better negotiate the narrow street corners of Sosua. Hertz and AVIS have offices in the POP airport, the latter is also present in Sosua, at the Pola supermarket plaza. Other less known rent car agencies might also deliver good vehicles but might not deliver when it comes to insurance claims in case of accident, beware.

Starex and Odyssey Vans

A white Starex and Blue Odyssey Van.

Sosua Events© can handle the transportation needs for the group, at any level. We have worked with the Sosua-Cabarete Taxi Association for over 10 years and have a list of the top drivers in town that regularly serve clients coming in and out of the rental villas. Contact us for inquiries from 9:00am -7:00pm.

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