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What`s a bachelor party weekend in Sosua without a yacht, some might ask. Some of the best yacht parties of the DR happen in Sosua, and SBP has a fleet of deluxe rental boats to choose from that include Bertram, Viking and Hatteras.  These are not short of amenities, and include two and three bedrooms, ample deck, bridge lounge, kitchen, living room, bathrooms and full snorkeling, diving and fishing gear ( even bait ).

Renting a yacht can be an awesome experience in the Dominican Republic. How about two, side by side? the video below shows the Vikings and Hatteras sailing along the coast in Sosua for a memorable bachelor party of one of our clients:

Those two yachts can accommodate a large party of of 30 people or more together.

The top 6 rules when renting a yacht in Sosua:

Don`t choose morning time unless you will skip late partying the night before… Choosing the morning for parties only works when the entire party crew agrees to avoid late night partying, which will hardly happen.

Sailing party with females don`t always go well with fishing… This because fishing takes place farther from the shores and most women ruin the trip due to seasickness. If you are into a party, keep it that way and sail along the coast where calmer waters will make everyone happy.

Dramamines are a must unless you`re a seasoned skipper… Always take a dramamine at least one hour before boarding the yacht, it will make your life easier throughout the trip. Some yacht captains will have it in stock at the boats so ask for it. Even better, stop by the pharmacy and buy your own.

Hard liquor before the tour or just departing…. By all means avoid taking hard liquor before or during the first 30 minutes of the tour. It will make most people sick and cut the trip short quicker than expected. Not to mention that the dramamine will also lose its effect.

Eating heavy meals on a yacht… although it might look casual in movies, having a lot of food while yachting is not recommended, thank God there`s bathrooms included. The stomach is no friend to the ocean swaying movements, that is the reason captains eat light meals and snacks. Some very large yachts are exempt from this rule, as most passengers can barely feel the ocean movement.

Safety should always be first… When in a yacht, always have a free hand to grab railings in case of unbalancing due to sea movement. Be sure to look out for one another, specially those drinking alcohol. If you can`t swim, be sure to stay within view of those who can and if needed, use a life vest. Some useful boating safety tips are found on the discover boating page. The following video shows the 48 feet Viking we have available for parties in Sosua:

Yacht rentals in Sosua are far cheaper than in most other destinations, with rates starting as low as $600.00 for half a day tour for 10 people. The yachts are equipped with powerful sound systems, talk about a real party. The tour might include beer, water, sodas and snacks. Staff is included in every trip and the boats are certified by the Dominican Navy and Tourism office.

Sosua Private Yacht Party Charters Rentals Dominican Republic Departure schedules are from 8am-1pm and 1:20 pm to 6:00pm; in some cases there are available sunset cruise tours from 6pm -8pm. Contact us for more information on booking a yacht in Sosua, please have your desired dates and number of people handy when you email or call us. Sosua Fishing Tours are also available through our concierge.