2020 Top Villas in Sosua

Sosua bachelor villa

A 2020 top 5 villas in Sosua analysis was due to present the top 5 options in the three main price category, as a way to introduce the criteria to rate villas when faced with selecting a vacation home in Sosua. The villa rental market has increased dramatically in the past 10 years, and worldwide the rental market has revenue growth is up to $87,099m ( Statista ) in 2020; now private villas compete head to head with all-inclusive hotels like never before as user penetration is expected to hit 11.0% by 2023. Globally, there were 115,000 vacation rental companies in 2018: 20% in the U.S, 60% in Europe and 20% for the rest of the world ( Buildup Bookings Report ).

The videos are shot on location by Golden Treasures, our main villa rentals and sales agency located in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Rating Sosua Villa Rentals

Before rating the villas, we spoke with several property managers and the resulting criteria matches our list of conditions, which include: architectural design and space, interior design, swimming pool layout, kitchen area, bedrooms/bathrooms layout, location, security, staff, and management/maintenance record over the years. Presentation plays a key role, as villa rental listings in Sosua with video and high resolution photos have better engagement and and conversion rates. 

Another factor is purpose: Some locations in the North Coast have about 65% of rental inquiries going towards events such as Sosua bachelor parties, about 10% for weddings and the rest towards retirees and families. 2020 Top Villas in Sosua are all booked for all these purposes, though the list is far larger.

Cabarete has a much higher percentage being booked for water sports ( kite surfing, surfing, etc) and Puerto Plata towards a more general purpose. Before selecting a villa, it is critical to specify whether the villa allows such events, if it is guest friendly and what levels of noise tolerance are allowed. In some locations events are totally banned, while in others the rules are more flexible.


Renting with Local vs International booking sites has it both ways: a local company offers real-time reports on the villa rental condition, management, staff, surroundings, and knows where to get the best of the local scene in terms of transportation, tours, restaurants, etc via the concierge. When you travel for the first time to a place like the Dominican Republic, the best due diligence to find a good local villa rental agency is to research online and check how long the company has been in business, its brand recognition on the web, reviews, and social networks. 

Renting via international sites usually require to prepay the full vacation while the local rental company requires half or less to book, and that alone is an advantage for travelers. Many well known sites also display multiple listings of the same property, with varying rates and conditions, which can be very confusing. These days, many online hosts are people with no company, registration, updated calendar and reputation in the rental business.

That is why there are so many stories of cancellations, unfulfilled promises and some cases not worth mentioning here ( do a Google search ). Many local rental agencies increase the rental rates to add fees they have to pay international booking sites, so renters end up paying more.

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