Sosua Party in Tip Top Catamaran Yacht

Sosua party in the Tip Top Catamaran is a constant event that draws many families and couples, and after the Amber Cove cruise ship port opened, it has been even more frequent to see many yacht and catamaran parties happening in Sosua. The Tip Top is the largest catamaran available in the North Coast, and tickets are available at Eric Tours International, an agency located in the main street that leads to Sosua Beach. Up to 75 people can take the tour and have dance parties, snorkeling and sailing by the coast of Sosua and its best reefs and beaches. The Tip Top schedule sails Tuesdays and Saturdays departing early morning and costs US$79.00/person, a great value considering the experience and trained staff.

Sosua Events can help arrange a catamaran tour, also smaller yachts such as a 20 passenger Hatteras, Bertram, or Viking.  The Yacht parties might include snacks and drinks, and all include staff and snorkeling or fishing equipment. The smaller yachts beach parties depart from Sosua Bay as early as 8:00 am and as late as 6:00pm every day.

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Why a Sosua Beach Party as a travel Tour: Sosua beach is considered one of the top beaches in the Dominican Republic, due to its natural beauty and scenery. Set in a bay of crystal clear waters, it is considered one of the top snorkeling places in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Its golden sands attract many tourists each year, from all over the world.

Located in the town of the same name, this beach sits in the center between El Batey district to the right and Charamicos to its left. A thick belt of trees rims the beach, providing shade to restaurants, gift shops, bars and other important vendors and tourists that flock the beach each day. Several scuba diving and snorkeling schools have a strong presence in the parking area, this because the bay is a favorite spot for scuba training and snorkeling. 

Almost a mile long, this beach is also a favorite for morning joggers, who can be seen early as the sun rises, or late in the evening as it sets on the horizon. Back in the 1940`s, this paradise beach was a farm field that was awarded to groups of Jews fleeing WWII, and those that made it to town in scarcely available ships ( due to war ) built a prosperous community that even today shows its lasting success. Today, the Sosua party in the Tip Top Catamaran and other yachts make Sosua a top choice for travelers.

Later in the 1980`s the area`s pristine beauty drew attention to the international all-inclusive tourism developing in Puerto Plata, so soon it became a major spot for tourists from Europe and North America. 

The street leading down to the beach is the Artists Promenade, since when walking down you see numerous Dominican artists and galleries, many painting live in their open studio. Great art can be purchased from the authors at considerably low prices. Some names like Leo Diaz, Teddy Tejeda, Adolfo Fahrington and P. Beard lead the charts.

Many of the bars in Sosua beach are owned by expats, foreigners that visited once and fell in love with the town. The large expat population comprises people from Germany, Italy, France, Canada, the United States and even Nordic countries.  Many yachts are parked in the bay near the beach, and are accessed with a smaller boat that picks up the party guests to bring them to the yachts.

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