Guide To Sosua`s Party Scene

Sosua night

Visiting Sosua is an exhilarating experience for travelers, as this small beach town packs a great amount of leisure activities that appeal to many different types of people. Sosua`s beaches rank high among the best in the Dominican Republic, and tours like fishing, snorkeling, horse back riding and ATVs are actively in demand. The party scene in Sosua is split in two groups: the standard bars for expats and couples, and the single men bars and clubs where women from other cities in the island visit to exchange pleasures for money.

Top Ten tips to get around in Sosua:
  • Avoid the single men`s bars if you are not into that lifestyle.
  • Learn to firmly say no if a woman approaches you on the street.
  • Avoid using expensive jewelry or flashing large bills.
  • Top shelf liquor is cheaper at the airport duty free, not so in the local liquor stores.
  • Avoid exchanging money at the airport, very low rates are paid there.
  • If drinking alcohol, always use a taxi from the local association ( get rates first ).
  • Never drink tap water, it is not drinkable in the DR.
  • Always use the safe deposit box if having guests over from a bar.
  • Book rental villas from trusted sources that can provide real references.
  • Get a local guide ( best if a taxi driver ) that knows the town and people.

 Some of the best bars for non singles visiting Sosua are Baileys, Cubano Cafe, Brittania, Sinatra`sLazy Dog,  Schnitzel Paradise and a long list of others found scattered all around the El Batey district.  All of these are also excellent restaurants with international cuisine. Mostly frequented by expats from all over the world – specially Europeans – these bars can be very entertaining.

For the single guys and bachelor party crew there are clubs like Clasico, Rumba and El Flow, where local women party and go the extra mile ( no kidding) to please the men as long as they are paid a fee. Many bachelor parties just pay the women for fun dancing only, but the lifestyle has many coming over for the women rather than the actual party. This leads to authorities trying to control the situation, to avoid Sosua being pinned as an adult travel destination. Sosua started as a Jewish refuge back in the 1940`s, and was later turned into a major tourism destination around the mid 1980`s.

The closest airport to Sosua is POP, just a 8 minute drive from the district of El Batey, the main area. International flights from major countries such as the USA, Canada, and European nations touch down in POP every day.

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