Sosua Beach on Easter Week 2016

Easter week 2016 was close to perfect in Sosua Beach, efficiently coordinated by local authorities.

Each year, thousands of local and foreign travelers visit Sosua during Easter week, specially from DR regions and cities. This heavy visitor traffic puts pressure on the city authorities trying to control and secure the beaches, so this year extra precautions were taken to ensure safety for all visitors.

Sosua beach barGlass bottles, sharp objects and guns were banned, as well as water activities with power boats close to the shores. The Cestur Police was seen everywhere, and the local civil defense had a beach post and several volunteers from different cities coming to assist travelers.

Sosua beach was crowded on Thursday and good Friday, not so much during Saturday when these photos were taken, as travelers were still in their villas and hotels around noon time.

Sosua seems to be regaining its previous status as one of the top destinations in the Dominican Republic, and various support groups are joining forces to make it an even better travel offer for 2016 as more tourists are joining every week from the Carnival port in Maimon, Amber Cove.  

Easter week 2016 proved that good can turn to better when there is a collective desire to do so. Mayor Newmann faces coming elections on May 15th, so there are a lot of expectations in the city hall, locally known as Ayuntamiento of Sosua.

This video shows the 4 main beaches of Sosua on Easter Saturday: 

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