The Top Ten List For a Bachelor Party

There are virtually thousands of bachelor party guides on how to throw the most epic party for that very special best friend becoming a family man. Some prefer to rent a cottage, villa or even a large loft to host the special weekend or evening, and set up a top shelf drinks bar or even a beer barrel. If available, a limousine or luxury van would be booked to have the group bar clubbing all night.  The history of bachelor party goes back a long time, as the article published by the Art of manliness explains.

A BBQ and bonfire by the beach or forest might also add a touch of old times where drinks and stories are exchange among old friends. And of course, music plays a very important role to remember all those glorious moments as a group of single, wild guys. A DJ might be hired to play all night, and a list of the bachelor`s favorite tunes.

For some a beach resort might be the alternative to going to Vegas, and even better if the boys can travel to the Caribbean, a place like Sosua might be just what they dreamed of. Exotic beaches, plenty of night life, tours for the guys that include sports fishing yachts, golfing, zip lining, ATV`s and other interesting men activities.

Aside from most considerations, the top ten list for a successful bachelor party in the Caribbean includes:

  1.  Beach Villa
  2.  Private Chef
  3.  SUV with driver
  4.  Swimming Pool Games
  5.  Scheduled Tours
  6.  Party Theme Decor
  7.  Casino Night
  8.  Disco Hopping
  9.  Yacht Party
  10.  Belly Dancer or stripper

Now let`s talk about the list priorities. A beach villa tops the list as there`s nothing better than beach and ocean vistas for the ultimate Caribbean bachelor party.  A private chef is a must do because food is a top priority when drinking and partying. A private chef costs around $100/day for the group and works full time, 3 meals. A luxury SUV with driver keeps the guys from driving while drinking, and boosts anyone`s mojo if the SUV is a Cadillac Escalade. Swimming pool games are a great way to keep the gang active and provide for lots of fun, so be sure to add some, even volleyball.

Scheduled tours are a must to add to the adventure, all available through most villa rentals concierge.  The decor helps set the mood for the party, and there can even be a costume party if desired. Sosua has places like Decoarte, where virtually any kind of party motif ( hats, toys, lighting, chairs, tables, etc ) can be ordered to taste. This is another aspect managed by the villa concierge or the Sosua Bachelor Party staff.

A casino night is just for pure fun, also a poker night in a private villa. Strip poker is a tradition of most Caribbean bachelor parties, that depends on whether the ladies want to join, or get hired for stripper performances. Disco hopping means going from disco to disco all night long, dancing, drinking and mingling. It might be the bachelor`s last chance to play hard, so make it big.

yacht party in Sosua bay

Yacht parties in Sosua

To up the ante nothing beats a yacht party in Sosua. Sailing across the beaches, with DJ, bar and a fantastic crew.  If the group has 20 or more people, even better because a second yacht can join, even a third. This video shows two yachts sailing for a party, next to each other.

Some yacht parties in Sosua involve a dozen or more vessels, from various owners. So many positive aspects make Sosua an ideal destination for bachelor parties, and the fact that it has so many available villa rentals at affordable prices drives a lot of attention to it as a viable choice for party planners.

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