Sosua Beach Update Summer 2018

Sosua Beach has been the favorite getaway spot in the North Coast for several decades, both for local and international tourists. Its diverse offer of gift shops, restaurants, bars and tours are complemented by shaded areas and shallow waters that make it a great option for families with children. 

Spanning about 1.3 kilometers in length, this crystal water beach was recently expanded by an unusual event in nature. The sand from what was called Imbert Beach shifted location during several days, ending up in the Sosua Bay and eventually, enlarging the beach. Now the sandy shores doubled in size, and the waterfront of the hotel ( Bellamar ) has about 75 extra meters of sand where it used to be water. 

We took a trip to the beach and created a gallery of photos showing the best of Sosua beach, so those planning to come can see it is now even better. There are several updates per week in the Sosua beach Facebook page, with aerial videos and photos.

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