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Sosua Vacation Package – Bachelor Party

All Inclusive Sosua Vacation Thinking of having an all-inclusive Sosua vacation getaway with friends? a bachelor party? Sosua Events by GT has it all for the ultimate party in Sosua, available in ocean and beach front villas along the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Available for groups of 6-12 people and even more ... More

Sosua Beach Update Summer 2018

Sosua Beach has been the favorite getaway spot in the North Coast for several decades, both for local and international tourists. Its diverse offer of gift shops, restaurants, bars and tours are complemented by shaded areas and shallow waters that make it a great option for families with children. Spanning about 1.3 kilometers ... More

Sosua Bares y Discos 2017

El fin de semana del 26 de agosto de 2017 fue uno de los más concurridos durante la temporada baja en Sosua, especialmente debido a la muy publicitada pelea de Mayweather-McGregor. Casi todos los bares de la ciudad tenían grandes pantallas que mostraban el evento, desbordando espacio hasta llegar a las aceras y calles. ... More

Galeria de Artistas – Pasado Y Presente – Festival Presidente

Esta galería de artistas trae la lista de los mas destacados que vienen y han visitado al Festival Presidente. Nombres famosos como Juan Luis Guerra, Justin Timberlake, Carlos Vives, Miriam Cruz, Bruno Mars, Marc Anthony y muchos más han tomado grandes ovaciones durante los varios años del festival desde su creación. El ... More

Festival Presidente en Puerto Plata

Presidente, la cerveza dominicana mejor vendida por la Cervecería Nacional Dominicana, está expandiendo su evento más famoso, el Festival Presidente, en otras ciudades locales este año, incluyendo Puerto Plata. Las fiestas de calentamiento del Festival forman parte del concepto de temporada del Festival Presidente. Y ... More

Sosua Party in Tip Top Catamaran Yacht

Sosua party in the Tip Top Catamaran is a constant event that draws many families and couples, and after the Amber Cove cruise ship port opened, it has been even more frequent to see many yacht and catamaran parties happening in Sosua. The Tip Top is the largest catamaran available in the North Coast, and tickets are available ... More

Sosua Changes in July 2016

Sosua changes always bring controversy to locals and travelers, because of the inherent nature of change as the driving force that transforms our lives - someone said the only constant in life is, change. July 2016 is seeing a redux of previous years in Sosua, and to understand how this little beach town is trying to reshape ... More

Sosua Beach 2016 Kayak and Paddle Board Beach Party

Photo album of the 2016 Kayak and Paddle Board party in Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic on July 17th, 2016. The activity offered free kayak, stand up paddle board, powered snorkel and other water sports from 9:00 am to 2:00pm and had people of all ages. The next edition will take place in the same beach next year.VIDEO OF THE ... More